Ficusmicrocrpa popularly known as Pragvad is one of the oldest and an ancient Indian tree. Ficusmicroscarpa also known as vindian laurel, Chinese banyan. In indian context it is known as Kampra(Hindi), Kallal, Kal-athi(Tamil), Nandivriksha(sanskrit). It is usually found in hilly regions at height of over 1200m. The friuits are eaten by birds. Women circumambulate the ree 108 times to be blessed with wealth and prosperity. The famous Shiva saint Gana Sambandar praised Lord Shiva here as one day he had seen the Lord Shiva under the Kallal tree. The sacred pragvad is also called Kalathi, which is associated with Lord Shiva. This wass the favorite tree of the sadhu, was confortabel staying in the shades of this immortal, never dying, never renewing plant. According to the Indian mythology, it is belived that many of the wellknown saints set under this sacred tree and got the supreme knowledge of truth from ishwar(GOD). When Brahma gave Bramhghyan under this tree, the vibes were absorbed by the canopy and via prop root this vides percolated in the soil(bhumi) and surrounding weather. Thus whoever sits under the pragvad is entitled to gain brahmgyan. Medicinal Use : Latex of root is used in Ayurvedic medicine. The juice of the bark is used to cure liver disorders. A decoction of the bark is used to cure uleers and leprosy.