Floral Safari - An android App

Floral safari is an android based programme for the trees of Waghai Botanical Garden. The application provides information on the scientific details of plant i.e. local name, family, origin, meaning of scientific names, phenology, and medicinal and consumable uses.

All together details of 274 plant species are tagged in WBG of which 242 plants are dicots and 32 plants are monocots.

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Benefits of Floral Safari App

  • Awareness about common, rare, endangered and threatened trees.
  • Practical way for identification of plant species.
  • Indigenous plant diversity is studied in field.
  • Why trees should be conserved?
  • Understanding the canopy and bark ornamentation.
  • To study the morphological variation with respect to time prevailing in the plants.
  • Aesthetic values of different trees.
  • Medicinal uses of trees.
  • Description on the seeds of different trees and to differentiate them from every species point of view.
  • Trees usefulness for landscape planning.