Waghai Botanical Garden
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Waghai botanical garden was established on 1st May 1966. It is a unique herbaria having collection of Dr. R.I. Patel - An eminent Taxonomist of Gujarat.The Herbaria is having a total of 3644 plant specimens belonging to 3245 Dicot, 399 Monocot and 2 Pteridophyte

The majority of the collection is by
- Dr. B.G.Vashi,
- Dr. J.R.Parmar and
- Mr. K.L.Dubey

This is a major milestone by the Forest department to digitize the Herbarium of Dangs in collaboration with The M.S.University Vadodara. This is will be helpful to
- Students
- Research scholars
- Forest Guards
- Forest officials
- Herbalist
- Ayurvedacharya
- Environmentalist